The New EU Tire Label - A step towards safer, more fuel-efficient tires

A new standardized label for tires that will provide fleet operators and tire purchasers with valuable information on three key tire performance attributes

What is the EU tire label?

It’s a new standardized label for tires that will provide fleet operators and tire purchasers with valuable information on three key tire performance attributes:

  • Wet grip
  • Rolling resistance
  • Exterior rolling noise

The label is similar to existing energy-efficiency labels used on white goods such as fridges and washing machines.

Why is it necessary?

The aim of the new label is to better inform tire purchasers on the safety and environmental performance of tires. It will help them choose safer and more fuel-efficient tires with low noise levels.

What’s so important about these three performance indicators?

Wet grip is a key indicator of the safety performance of a tire. Rolling resistance affects a vehicle’s fuel consumption and therefore has a direct impact on the fleet’s operating cost and the environment. The exterior noise also affects the environmental impact of tires.

What does the cloud and rain icon mean?

What does the cloud and rain icon mean?

This icon denotes a tire’s grip on wet surfaces. Wet grip is a key safety element of a tire. It has a great impact on road safety because tires with excellent grip on wet roads have shorter braking distances on wet surfaces. This safety performance is expressed in an A to G grading scale, A being the best performance on wet roads.

The test method for measuring the wet grip performance of light truck and heavy truck and bus tires is currently under development.

What does the fuel pump icon mean?

What does the fuel pump icon mean?

This relates to the rolling resistance of a tire: the lower the resistance of a tire to roll, the less energy is dissipated and the less fuel consumed. Therefore this indicator tells tire purchasers the fuel economy as well as the environmental-friendliness – in terms of reduced CO2 emissions – of a given tire. The fuel-saving performance of a tire is indicated with the same grading scheme as wet grip performance but with the addition of a full-color pictogram on the label, which is a standardized pictogram of energy consumption used throughout the European Union. Grade A denotes the most fuel-efficient tire in the market.

What does the speaker icon mean?

What does the speaker icon mean?

This icon indicates the external noise produced by a tire in contact with the road. It is expressed in decibels and accompanied by one, two or three sound waves. One black wave indicates the best noise level performance, meaning that the noise emission level of the tire is at least 3 dB below the future legal limit. When a tire has two black waves means that it meets the future legal limit of the EU regulation. Three black waves denote the weakest noise level performance, meaning that the tire has a noise output level between the current maximum and the new lower limit to be introduced from November 2012 onwards.

Is the new legislation applicable to all tires and in all EU countries?

The new label will be applied to all new truck tires excluding retreads. The following tires are also excluded from the labeling system: professional off-road tires; racing tires; studded and spare tires; tires for wheels under 10 inches (254 mm) diameter or over 25 inches (635 mm) diameter; tires with speed ratings of less than 80 km/h; tires designed to be fitted on vehicles registered for the first time before 1 October 1990. As with any European Regulation, this rule will be binding and identical in all European Member States.

Does the label tell me everything I need to know about the performance of a truck

This label is a guide to tire purchasers on tire performance in wet grip, rolling resistance and noise levels, and therefore is just one of a number of useful tools helping fleet operators make informed tire purchasing decisions. Generally speaking, truck tire purchasers should search for tires that help them reduce operational costs while ensuring overall road safety performance of the truck, in particular a tire’s performance on wet surfaces.

Will there be any government incentives to purchase the safest and most eco-friendly

Currently there is no rule that binds EU Member States to provide economic incentives for tire purchasers to buy the safest and most eco-friendly truck tires in the market. National governments can decide whether to put incentives in place to encourage tire purchasers to go for increased safety and environmental protection.

Will this label impact my business?

The introduction of the new label will not directly impact fleets’ business operations or their bottom line. It will give fleet managers additional information on the safety and environmental performance of a tire, which ultimately will impact their operational costs.

What’s Goodyear position on the introduction of the new EU tire label?

Goodyear welcomes the labeling system because it is convinced the label will guide customers towards safer and more fuel-efficient tires. The company is also confident that its tires will perform well against its competitors, as it always takes great care in developing products that meet the highest safety and environmental standards. With the introduction of a standardized label for tires, it becomes easier for end-users to compare brands, giving them the opportunity to make better informed purchasing decisions. Taking into consideration that the rolling resistance level gains importance as the element of choice because of its economic and environmental benefits, Goodyear believes that the new label will help customers make fully-informed purchasing decisions that also address aspects which have an important impact on road safety, such a tire’s wet performance.

How can I keep up to date with the latest developments on this label?

Goodyear will play an active role in providing the media, tire dealers, fleet managers and consumers with information on the latest developments of the new EU tire label.

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